Victoria Trading is the largest specialized purchasing cooperative within the foodservice and hospitality sectors.

Victoria Trading represents the interests of nine leading players from across the foodservice sector: from hotels to catering and from leisure to on-the-move. Thanks to our critical mass and joint expertise, we can achieve savings and create value in ways that are beyond the reach of our individual members.

About us

Victoria Trading was founded for and by its members. It is our ambition to be the most progressive purchasing platform for the Dutch foodservice industry. With a stacked purchase volume of around €400 million in purchase value, we are able to drive the market and create new solutions that were previously unattainable. We help to optimise purchasing processes, resulting in a sustainable return for our members and the world.

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Joint purchasing for a short and sustainable chain

Together we are much more efficient, much more sustainable, closer to the source and closer to the requirements of the customer. We achieve economies of scale and work on efficiency in the chain by bundling our volumes, harmonising processes, streamlining logistics and optimising product ranges.

Become a member

Victoria Trading is open to new members. New members are tested against specific selection criteria, such as purchasing value, market focus, and sustainability policy. 

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"Together we can create breakthrough solutions" 


Would you like to know what we have achieved in recent years as a result of our joint efforts? View some of our cases here. 


We work closely with our suppliers to develop customised products. Together we innovate in the field of quality, packaging and, sustainability. In many cases, we can limit the width and depth of ranges by avoiding small product and packaging differences in selection between the members. This also makes production and distribution more efficient and economical for suppliers and wholesalers.

Our members take the safety of their customers very seriously. We do not take any risks in this respect. Never. We only select suppliers who can guarantee their quality and delivery all year round. The highest requirements of chain transparency, food safety, and product safety are our minimum standard.

Would you like to become a supplier?

We challenge the industry to come up with progressive proposals to help shorten the chain from farm to fork and accelerate sustainability. Do you have an innovative product that is smarter, healthier, better or more sustainable? Pitch your idea(s) to us! 








Organisational structure

The members of Victoria Trading own the cooperative. Initiatives for new purchasing processes are always initiated by the members. Victoria Trading brings together the best buyers from the Dutch foodservice sector. We share knowledge, networks and, systems for optimal results.

The total purchasing team consists of about 25 buyers and is supported by independent purchasing agency Real Result, both in terms of facilities and processes. A dedicated core team from Real Result is responsible for all Victoria Trading purchasing operations.

The Cooperative's Executive Board consists of two (alternating) representatives from the members and is headed by an independent chairman of the Board. In this way, independence is always guaranteed. A project team is set up for each procurement process, consisting of specialised category buyers from the members and an independent senior buyer from Real Result who coordinates and supervises the entire process.

Gosse Visser

Chairman of the Board

Our approach

  • We do not work with standard deals. Each agreement is tailor-made.
  • We operate independently and are not affiliated with any supplier.
  • Our deals make sense. The participation of at least three of the members is guaranteed in every tender process.
  • Victoria Trading enters into binding agreements with its members during the term of the agreement.
  • Details about deals are only shared with members who participate.
  • All members participate actively. They are involved in the content of the policy and the various procurement processes. The members meet at least 8 times a year for consultation.
  • We expressly opt for long-term cooperation based on trust, transparency, and equality.


You can contact us directly by using the email address below or by completing the contact form.

Jan Vugts

Jan Vugts

Lex Marks

Lex Marks

Senior Buyer
Daan Klein

Daan Klein

Roel Pluymaekers

Roel Pluymaekers

Business Analyst

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